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Poverty in India Ranks More than China in Global Global Index

Poverty in India Ranks More than China in Global Global Index

India has reached the top list in the extreme poor index in Southeast Asia. From 1900 to 2010, the poverty rate fell from 45% to 14% in southeast Asia. The official stats say that a substantial poverty decline was observed. Though there is a presence of poverty, and progress is visible. India holds the most significant portion of the global poor by the remaining 32.9%, which is more than countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, and China. 1.4 billion Indian children die every year before reaching their 5th birthday. In 2012, south Asia recorded 2.1 million child deaths under fifth years of age. India stood as the number one country with the highest mortality rates of children under five.

The measures for the poverty index are hunger, gender equality, health, education, and the environment. India has a vital role in global development, and we need to balance each indicator. The world and domestic organizations and many more NGOs and nonprofits are helping to raise the people out of poverty. We must contribute our efforts, how small it could be to save the people of India to enjoy their human rights, and without the support of Indians, we can’t reach the goals and milestones.

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