Sambandh India


Corpus Fund for SAMBANDH

The Corpus Fund is a vital component of Sambandh’s financial structure, serving as the organization’s capital. It is generated and maintained to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the organization. The Corpus Fund plays a crucial role during times of financial distress, providing a stable resource base for the organization’s operations. 

The Corpus Fund’s significance lies in its contribution to the smooth functioning and sustenance of Sambandh. By striving to establish a Corpus Fund equivalent to 12 months of the organization’s expenditure, Sambandh aims to create a strong financial foundation. This initiative ensures that the organization is better prepared to navigate unforeseen challenges and maintain its operations without financial strain.

The Corpus Fund serves as a safety net, reducing financial vulnerability and enabling Sambandh to focus on achieving its goals. To realize the vision of a robust Corpus Fund, Sambandh invites individuals and entities to contribute towards this cause. A donation of Rs. 5000 or more will make a significant difference in establishing and strengthening the Corpus Fund, furthering Sambandh’s mission of empowerment and sustainable development.

The funds collected for the Corpus Fund will be primarily used for the sustenance of the organization, ensuring its operational continuity. By reducing financial vulnerability, Sambandh can dedicate its resources to achieving its goals and making a lasting difference in the lives of marginalized communities.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration and support in contributing to the creation of the Corpus Fund for Sambandh. Together, we can create a solid financial foundation that will enable the organization to drive meaningful change and bring about sustainable development in the communities we serve.