Sambandh India

Who We Are


Sambandh is a non-profit organization that strives to empower marginalized women and girls by building community capacity. Our interventions in areas such as health, agriculture, livelihood, climate change, indigenous healthcare, social accountability, poverty, and disaster relief and resilience are sustainable and holistic, offering innovative solutions to deeply-rooted development problems. With access to a wide range of expertise and a strong network of partnerships, we are able to deliver outcomes at scale to diverse stakeholders. At Sambandh, our motto is “reaching the unreached,” and we have been tirelessly working towards this goal for the past 31 years. Since our inception in 1992, we have positively impacted the lives of thousands of people in 17 districts of Odisha, with a special focus on women and children from tribal communities.

Some of our key goals are:

  • Generate livelihood and employment for indigenous farmers.
  •  Building and sustainability of rural institutions.
  • Alternate employment avenues for the landless.
  • We believe that soil and water management is the key to maximizing outputs in small patches.
  • Technical Expertise in watershed management, scientific livestock management, natural resources management, and livelihood enhancement.