Sambandh India


We satisfy the hunger victims deprived of food with healthy meals for a full day. We have introduced a Feeding Movement to feed the hunger in India. The program fights against both hunger and malnutrition to save lives. We help to reduce Odisha’s Hunger to a Zero Extent by operating across the nation.

Being Odia Foundation started a hunger relief campaign known as the Feeding Movement entitled to feed lakhs of poor unable to access nutritious meals. Lack of food leads to poverty,
illiteracy, healthcare deprivation, and finally, they lose their dignity of human life. Our Feeding
Movement attempts to instill hope, nourishment, and motivation to continue
poverty-stricken people’s efforts to find a better future.

Feeding Movement

Our hunger missions feed Healthy Food and Meals to the Poor for a Full Day. We reach the entire nation’s people Deprived of Food. Our Feeding Movement meant to Solve the Hunger of India through Devoted Efforts. We’ll address Malnutrition by supplying nutritious food to the needy. Being Odia Foundation aims to protect the rights of the poor and needy in India.

Together We Can Create History​

If we favour one or two, the impact can be small, but we become an ocean by joining together. Every rupee you contributed to the Feeding Movement directly feeds the hunger victims in the nation. Stop chronic hunger and acute malnutrition in India by supporting our Hunger Relief Program. We stand for the nation’s problem to save the hunger sufferers with humanity and love.