Sambandh India


Livelihood Through Livestock

ADHARSILA  focuses on the enhancement of the livelihoods of rural communities through livestock ,which actually increase the survivability of poor people having access to livestock to a significant extent. The livelihoods we have directly promoted among women and communities trough improved animal husbandry(backyard poultry).In this programme ,we are working in Thakurmunda Block snd engaging with more than 7,500 women organized into 635 SHGs .

Adharsila programme

  • Implementation of poultry pragrammes in targeted communities that encompass high standards of poultry production practises and nutrition.
  • Open source availability of knowledge, resources, and technical information on poultry production and  consumption that can be easily and readily accessed by producers and communities.
  •  Creating new business solutions for producers and farming households,including low-cost feeding technologies; high-quality, low-cost poultryhousing solutions, and new models of production, processing, andmarketing.
  • Promotion of biosecure villages for livestock inThakurmunda block Backyard poultry is an effective intervention for improving nutritionand creating socioeconomic transformation.Poultry production has increased, and farmers benefit from improved access to and availability of surplus poultry products for consumption. The project activities focus on the advanced production of backyard poultry (BYP), including breed improvement, consumption of poultry products, marketing of BYP products, and strengthening of farmer producer organisations (FPOs).