Sambandh India


Farmer Field Schools (FFS) - “schools without walls” for farmers with information dissemination

The aim of ABHINAV is to create a Farmer Field Schools; a group based adult learning approach to teach farmers on various farm and non-farm activities by asking questions and discussing their experiences. Extension and advisory services by Farmers’ Field Schools (FFS) play a very important role in scaling up Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA). FFS contributes to the realization of all three objectives of CSA (food security, adaptation and mitigation), but are currently focused on the first of these, namely food security through enhanced productivity.

The school doesn’t have any wall. It’s not a classroom where the Facilitator speaks and the farmers simply listen to it, we have provided a platform to them where they can ask their doubts and questions which builds their experience and observation. And we encourage them to make their own decision and draw the conclusion.