Sambandh India


Climate Smart Approach for the sustainable livelihood of communities

ANNADA is all about addressing the climate change effects and making rural farmers adaptable  to the changes caused by global warming through integrated Watershed   Management and the promotion of CSA (Climate Smart Village) to enhance productivity raise income . Climate change cause heat stress, which depletes groundwater resources and increases the saline contamination of soils inland . Soil salinization  decreases crop productivity . Locally , many farmers are seeing lower yields , which results in less income generation . 

Wherever possible , CSA also aims to reduce greenhouse emissions mainly through enhancing the carbon sink(vegetative cover) . We provide training  to farmers (both men and women) on CSA techniques and practices in the context of local agricultural practices and demonstrations .The programme covers 12 villages in 3GPs around the similipal biosphere of Mayurbhanj District .