Sambandh India


Revival, Promotion & Recognition of Indian Medical Heritage based on community health

AROGYAM is the flagship programme of SAMBANDH for the Revival and Promotion of Indian Medical Heritage System and Practices as well as wider adaption of growing herbs and medicinal plants for green treatment as a symbiotic strategy for health and livelihood security. Sambandh has been associated with more than 5300 vaidyas across Odisha towards preserving our traditional healthcare system and imparting awareness and knowledge among the fellow beings .the essentials have come from state level vaidya mahasangha , paramparika.  SAMABNDH has been involved in revival andmainstreaming the local/indigenous knowledge in health, agriculture andveterinary practices which have created impact on the policy level changes and recognition of the indigenous knowledge and practices. But the emerging challenges for climate change factors remain as high priority area for saving the indigenous knowledge, resources and practices. Based on our experience and lessons learnt going through various processes, it is felt that traditional knowledge available with different communities on local health practices is scattered throughout the state

largely in oral form. It is usually not shared among other community members. Once a generation passes away, the rich knowledge will likely to be lost forever. Hence, till date 576 Nos of Community Knowledge Registers have been prepared on this knowledge Bank.