Sambandh India


Sustainable livelihood through farm & non-farm activities

ARANYANI programme is the Climate Change Adaptation programme of SAMBANDH with climate resilient approach and mitigation strategies for the livelihood sustainability of Adivasis and dalit households through Integrated Watershed Management, Promotion of Organic Cultivation Practices, Promotion of Traditional Seeds, Training to the beneficiaries on sustainable use of resources (Land, Water and Forest). Restoration of vegetative cover on degraded land is a win-win strategy in addressing climate change, rural poverty and water needs for various livelihood initiatives The program is an initiative towards sustainable livelihood through various farming and no farming activities which includes saal leaf plate making , tamarind cake making , processing of honey and cashew through the promotion of farmers producers organisation (FPO) , selling of NTFPs , karanji soil processing, soap making , handwash making , herbal medicine etc..